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Origami Automatic Four-disc Pack (Brochures machine) ZE-8B/4

Main Purpose:
. ZE Automatic demolition machine that I developed origami small desktop machine, applicable to various forms of paper folding, the aircraft reasonable   structure, and using large rubber tire feed, sub-accurate, stable performance, easy to operate and efficient , widely used in product manuals, documents letters, a   large number of business correspondence folded.

Technical Parameters:
Pack books: 4
. Supply Voltage: AC 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ
. Power: 50 W
. The biggest origami specifications: 210 400 (mm)
. Origami minimum specifications: 50 80 (mm)
. The thickest origami specifications: 125 g
. Thinnest origami Specifications: 30 g
. Maximum operating line speed: 70 m / min
. Machinery NW: 38 kg
. Dimensions: 940 425 575 (mm)

Origami style:
Fold Cross?Baroness
. Two-fold, statements pack, which Santi, the Santi,Kwun Yam
. Santi within the fold, fold, Santi, folded, Santi, which Santi fold
. Right right Pack, Santi, folded within Santi, from 50%

Figure origami style:

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