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Portable Chain Dynamic Sealing Machine (envelope machine) ZS-100

Main Purpose:
. The sealing machine used for medicine, agricultural chemicals, food, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries ideal plastic bags, aluminum foil composite bag   sealing equipment.

Technical Parameters:
Power: 220 V 50Hz
. Power: 230 W
. Weight: 4.5 kg
. Temperature range of 0-200
. Seal speed: 3.3 m / min
. Dimensions: 290 94 160mm

Principle Features:
The heat sealing machine for sealing major polyolefin (polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.) for the lining of the composite film material sealed plastic bags and   sealed.
. Composite films including sealed cellophane sealed foil sealed, sprayed aluminum coating sealed sealed polyester, nylon sealed sealed polyethylene,   polypropylene and other material sealed sealed.
. Film thickness, width of the sealing in a certain range can be applied to achieve a good and uniform linear sealed.
. Regardless of the bags, pouches, bags of long, short bags can be carried out continuous linear sealed with satisfactory results.
. The compact machine design, simple operation.

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