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Handheld Pen Maji

1, the lightest of the global handheld nozzle, and weighs only 1.4 kg (3 lbs).
2, in both English and Chinese jet printing any fonts, numbers, bar codes, special graphics and so on.
3, Can jet printing multiple lines, characters per line, high 2 mm ~ 12.7mm.
4v Jet printing resolution of 600 dpi (per inch 600).
5, a cartridge-type nozzle design, with Rong Ji-free, plug jet.
6, Directly from the computer and download the whole Chinese language interface, easy operation.
7, With the operating Beidai easy to carry, so you go Penma.
8, Can be arbitrary angle jet printing and storage, not Loumo.
9, may at any time to replace ink color, arbitrary replacement of five colors.

Pen Maji technical parameters
Nozzle weight 1.4 kg
High jet printing 2mm~12.7mm
Jet printing speed Up to 45 m / min
Jet printing resolution 600 dpi (per inch 600 points)
Jet printing materials Absorbent and semi-absorbent materials (wood processing, packaging and printing industries cardboard boxes, etc.)
Jet printing content All in both English and Chinese font, numbers, bar codes, special graphics, etc.
Power Parameters 95 ~ 240V 47 ~ 63Hz universal power
Ink cartridge specifications 42cc, were: black, red, yellow, green, blue five colors;
May be as many as 400,000 jet printing or digital English (the word high 12.7 mm).

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