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Sealing Machine With Aluminum Foil (sealed bottle) RG-500I

Main Purpose:
. That the sealing machine is a portable sealed electromagnetic induction heating equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural chemicals, food,   cosmetics, light industries to foil containers sealed tight.
. Sealing material is widely used and can be polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester and glass bottles, but can not be used in metal bottles and caps.   The lightweight aircraft, the use of simple, applicable to small batch production and laboratory operations.

Technical Parameters:
Output power: 500 W
. Operating frequency: 100 KHz
. Seal diameter: 10 - 60 mm / 10 - 80 mm
. Vessel Height: unlimited
. Seal Speed:35 mm sealed for one second time around
. Time adjustment: two LED digital display ,0.1-0.29 seconds
. Work standard: interval control
. Power: single-phase AC 220V 10% 50Hz or 110 V 10% 60Hz
. Dimensions: Chassis 264 270 98 (L W H)
. Induction head:80mm, 60mm
. Weight: 4 Kg

Principle Features:
This machine adopts advanced foreign lines, use Japan as modular power devices, a heater in general more energy-efficient electronic sensors, thermal efficiency   of over 90 per cent, instantaneous heating rate of 20-30 times for the latter, it applies not only to heat sealing better performance of polyethylene,   polypropylene material of the bottle, and the poor performance of the heat sealing PET bottles, glass bottles also have excellent sealing effect.

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