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PE Film Packaging Machine PE5040

Main Purpose:
. Shrink the international market is more advanced methods of packaging. It is wrapped in a shrink film packaging of the product or outside, and then heated so   that packaging materials setback Guojin products or packages, and fully displayed the sale of goods, and to increase the aesthetic value of influenza;
. At the same time, the packaged goods can be sealed, moisture-proof, pollution prevention. And the protection of goods from external shocks, has some of the   buffer, in addition, can reduce product are demolished, the possibility of stolen; shrink film contraction produce a certain tension, it can be a package of items   Guojin, Banding Mindai played the role, is particularly applicable to a collection of multiple items and pallet packaging, the product can be widely used in the   production of various packaging.

Technical Parameters:
Transmission bandwidth: 50 cm
. Fever Wharf: 160 cm long, 40 cm high
. Working chief: 275 cm, 15 cm long import, export cooling length: 80 cm
. Power: 380 V
. Total power: 13 kw-phase 4-wire system
. Transmission speed:0-10m / min
. Infrared heat pipe: 500 w, 26, 8, 8 side, under 10

Principle Features:
I Shrink company's PE domestic packaging machine is the latest model of automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment, a heated iron pipe heat sink,   durable, energy-saving efficiency (energy-saving more than 15%).
. The machines use electronic speed control motor speed adjustment range, bearing the weight of up to 40 kilograms.
. Shrink-furnace heat in a completely closed wind circulation devices, products Shrink good effect.
. New aesthetic appearance of the equipment, operation and maintenance convenience can be applied to any contraction of the heat shrinkable film packaging.

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