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Desktop Plastic Bag-sealing Machine (envelope machine) FR-900

Main Purpose:
. This is suitable for all kinds of plastic film in the sealed bag, which can be widely used in food, medicine, and daily cosmetics, native products, chemicals,   electrical Original, military, clothing, artifacts of their departments. It is the factories, shops and mass use of the service industry in the best sealing equipment.

Technical Parameters:
Power: 220 V 50Hz
. Power: 500 W
. Seal :5-14 mm width (adjustable)
. Seal speed :0-12 m / min (adjustable)
. Temperature range of 0-300 ?
. Seal Length: No limit
. Marking Volume: ? 39
. Dimensions: Horizontal 600 350 320; Vertical 600 320 550; floor-600 420 1150 (mm)
. Weight: Horizontal 20 kg, 25 kg Vertical; floor-30 kg

Principle Features:
The machines use electronic temperature control and automatic transmission device can be controlled in various shapes with a plastic film, in various packaging   lines, supporting the use of its length sealed unrestricted;
. Sealed with continuous high efficiency, reliable sealing quality, reasonable structure, convenient operation, and other characteristics;
. The machine can be horizontal, vertical-horizontal, floor-use, the use of horizontal dry goods sealing; Vertical apply to the packaging of liquid items sealed.
. The aircraft also accompanied by printing devices, while also sealing in the printed directly on??, trademarks, date or validity of the factory seizure, batch   number, and so forth.
. Seal marking a completion date, batch number with the need to be replaced, easy-to-use, consistent with the articles of the Food Sanitation Law.

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