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Automatic Pree (strapping machine) SD-101

Main Purpose:
. Widely used in food, medicine, metals, chemicals, clothing, postal and other industries, applicable to pack cartons, paper packaging, packing parcels letter,   Yuexiang packing, light packaging, metal packaging tools, ceramics packaging, auto parts packaged, Japan bundles of supplies, stationary package, packing   equipment and other goods size of the automatic packing Banding.

Technical Parameters:
Bow-Size: W850 H600
. Dimensions: W1450 D610 H1530
. Surface height: 820 mm
. PP bandwidth :8-19 mm
. Packaging speed: 2 sec / Road
. Power: 1 PH, 100V-240V (50Hz, 60Hz)
. Power: 850 W
. Weight: 230 Kg
. Adjustable Options: arch-specifications, bandwidth, power supply, into the zone sensor.

Principle Features:
Modular arch-aluminum design, enables convenient;
. A fully-automated design, operation more convenient to use;
. Packaging size from the largest arch-decision arch-can be customized according to the needs of users;
. Motors, reducer, cam, reduce operational arm;
. Tight bundles of excellence, fault less easy maintenance;
. Packing movement soft, durable excellence, packing perfect functions;
. After packing immediately stop motor, power utility

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